JOE STANLEY — PRINTER TO THE RISING published by Brandon Press

About The Gaelic Press

Joe Stanley

Joe Stanley was a young printer / publisher who during British rule in the early years of the twentieth century blatantly flouted the laws suppressing free speech under the very noses of the Dublin Metropolitan Police. Engaged in both printing and publishing material that supported the burgeoning nationalist and republican movements, Joe Stanley’s was one of a number of mosquito press operations which lived on their wits to keep the presses rolling despite frequent raids and harassment. Joe himself was raided by the DMP over twenty times and closed down on many occasions.

Easter Rising

His crucial role came during the Easter Rising of 1916. As the fires burned and the rifles cracked around the GPO, he acted as Pearse’s press agent, the leader of the Rising relying on Joe Stanley to get word to the masses that Ireland was rebelling once again. Numerous iconic documents and letters passed through his hands and many have survived to this day and have been digitally saved for posterity by his family.The most significant and rare have been reproduced for the first time in the book ‘JOE STANLEY – PRINTER TO THE RISING’.These include what the family simply referred to as ‘THE PEARSE PAPERS’ – iconic handwritten transcripts by Pearse in the G.P.O.


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